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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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massive earthquake frkts. police looking for a man possibly armed not far from facebook's headquarters. this morning we're waking up to clear skies. setting the stage for a warm afternoon. we're talking 80s and 90s for some of our warmest. then a cooler weekend ahead. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina loren to break down your forecast. work crews are just about clear from the san mateo bridge off of you're a little more latitude as you cross over the bay. on the same latitude, more traffic flowing and slowdown farther east coming up. >> from nba bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do begin with breaking news. live pictures of a powerful fire happening right now in fresno. the flames are huge. it's burning along highway 99 near brawley not far from downtown. many as 1,000 pools may be
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burning. the flames are contained to a two-acre storage lot at a fairly industrialized area. the bad news, firefighters say there are few hydrants in that area and getting water to the scene is a problem. no word on how that fire start and if anyone has been hurt. no doubt a lot of pollutant going into the air in an already polluted valley. >> so close to the roadway, too, to route 99. a warehouse filled with pot going up in flames overnight. this also looks big but not by commissaparison to what we just. they put it out quickly. the fire chief telling us the warehouse has a permit to grow the pot. we asked him how many plants were inside. he couldn't provide an exact number. just that it was, quote, a fair amount. no official cause of that fire but it does appear to be electrical and thankfully nobody was injured.
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jubilation halfway across the world. a miracle in nepal. crews from california helping to rescue a teenager there buried beneath debris for five days absolutely an incredible story of survival. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been following this situation. he was dusty but amazingly expected to be okay. >> he was conscious and he was talking when rescuers reached him. right now authorities on the ground are saying that his injuries are minor. according to the southern california ris cescuers who rea him there is still time for miracles like that one. here are the crews carrying the teenager out of the rubble where he was sandwiched between two collapsed floors boxed in by concrete and corrugated steel. thes are cue team was nearby with search dogs and scrambled when people say they heard that teen crying for help.
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after six hours of digging crews reached him and in that video from a drone you can see how precarious that whole situation was, how dangerous it was for the rescuers as well. it did take six hours and lead rescuer talked with our nbc news crew on the grouped right after. >> the floors are -- within feet of each other. it's floor after floor after floor. you have three floors. >> if you're a victim pancaked in between two floors. >> amazing that he was able to still be there alive. >> after that boy was loaded into the ambulance, crowd erupted in celebrations. look what happened next. people picking up the those russ c rescuers, hoisting them in the air like sports heroes. this is in stark contrast to the death toll that is at more than 5500 people and counting some rural villages still haven't been accessed. now, still that l.a. county rescuer said that people can survive in rubble for up to two weeks. so it is possible that we could see more miracles like that one.
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>> right. so much loss but you see their jubilation because it gives them something hopeful. >> that southern california crew, we have a northern california. they happened not to be difficudeployed this time. >> amaze that they can go a few weeks without food but not having water or clean drinking water there is kind of hard to imagine. >> maybe the fact that he's is a years old. kids are resilient. >> youthful vie brans. thank you. the earthquake was in nepal but some of the healing is happening here. berkeley plaza hosted hundreds last night remembering those who lost their lives. students raising money and their goal is $25,000 for relief efforts. many of them have families in nepal. >> i lost an uncle one of the kindest and gentlest men i've ever met. this man was a headmaster of a school. he was driving home, mudslide cover him, crushed his car, he
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dies. okay? that's just one story. that's my personal story. >> so many personal stories of sorrow. if you want to help you can donate to their go fund me account. just search water for nepal. happening now, a possible gunman on the loose near facebook headquarters. it started with a home invasion in fremont. led to a chase across the dumbarton bridge and shots fired on the peninsula. "today in the bay's" bob ridell live in min low pamenlo park. >> three men involved. police were able to catch two of the people after they dichd their car at the menlo science and technology park behind me here on willow road. the third accomplice did get away. this did start as home invasion slo invasion/robbery in fremont that three men allegedly used gun, according to police. police from fremont and newark started chasing them half hour later across the dumbarton bridge to this business park. one of the suspects fired at
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police during the pursuit, hitting the driver's side of a newark police car. no one was hurt. officers caught two of the men as they tried to run away from their car. police, the ones they caught, one was 19 years old from sunnyvale, the other a 22-year-old man from palo alto. the third suspect is still out there. police say he is a black man, skinny build, light-colored sweatshirt, dark-colored pants. if you're not familiar with this area, within a couple of blocks away is the facebook headquarters. the social media company tells us that this did not impact their operations. reporting live here in menlo park, bob ridell, "today in the bay." the family of a marine killed by a suspected drunk driver one month after returning from afghanistan is going to sue the city of fremont. 23-year-old lance corporal andrew silva was riding his motorcycle when he was struck by a driver trying to evade place.
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his wife filed a wrongful death suit against the city and the officer involved in the pursuit. the suit accuses the officer of wrong any engaging in a high speed chase with an obviously intoxicated driver. meantime, be aware of your surroundings. the warning from livermore police after a woman says she was sexually assaulted on a popular trail. that attack happened around 6:00 tuesday night on the arroyo trail near arroyo road. the woman was walk ag loan when a man came up and grabbed her from behind and session welly assaulted her and took off. police are beefing up their patrols along the trail. developing right now. the city of baltimore is waking up to relatively calm streets for the second straight morning. the mandatory curfew was lifted a few hours ago. while baltimore was peaceful the anger spread to other cities across the country. people took to the streets to protest in washington, d.c., denver, houston, and boston. in new york at least 100 people
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were arrested as the protests turned rowdy. tomorrow baltimore police will turn over a report on gray's death in police custody but it will not be made public. this morning a lot of people still talking about this historic scene. major league baseball game clees closed to the public. . no one was allowed inside for the orioles/white sox game. many players actually tried to make the best of it playing in an empty ballpark. we'll show you how coming up in 15 minutes. two words or one word hyphen nated, self-motivation. you don't have the fans there to cheer you on. the microclimate forecast. hayes over the city. i've look outside of san francisco. >> that's right. you are going to need a swimming pool. too bad we're in a drought, anthony. >> i know. when you said two words i thought you were going to say very hot or very warm. yeah, all of those will apply. swimming pool, spf, all right. i'll stop. let's talk about your forecast
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this morning. temperatures in the 50s right now. we do have clear skies out there. you know what, that's going to lead to a very warm afternoon with plenty of sunshine. you will notice the temperatures not all that bad. near 50 in the north bay. 58 right now in the peninsula. this afternoon we're going to see the warm temperatures. in fact, i'll take you through your day park forecast. by noon, already at 79 degrees in the south bay. same for the peninsula. the north bay, you will be 82 right around noon. this is lunchtime temperatures. already warm once we hit noon. tri-valley at 83. look at this afternoon temperature. 89 in the south bay. 87 for the peninsula. san francisco up to 81 in the city. 93 for the tri-valley today. 84 in the east bay. and 90 for the north bay. yeah, all of those temperatures are way above average for this time of year. we should be in the 60s and 70s. it's all because we have winds offshore. you can see in our future cast. the ends with streamline there denote the offshore winds. as we move through the day tomorrow that's when they will return cooler up dpains the coastline. it will still be warm inland.
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tomorrow afternoon you will notice cooler conditions at the coast and by saturday and sunday all of us are expected to cool off as that cooler wind takes control. today and tomorrow is going to be warm for our inland valleys. in the mid to upper 80s in san jose. mid 70s tomorrow. as we head towards this weekend, saturday and sunday, temperatures cool off. at least more tolerable levels. if you're making plans for this weekend, we like to tell you what's happening across the bay. the asian art museum, free admission day on sunday. everybody can get in there for free. on oakland, sunday, free admission to the oakland museum. low to mid 60s by saturday and sunday. overall, hot today. cooler conditions by this upcoming weekend. if you've got a day off, good day to hit the beach. mike, let's talk about that drive now. >> good day to hit the beach any time, even for a long lunch. foster city, over the drive, you have a long ever drive westbound with these head lights. eastbound is where i'm focused. we just at the top of your screen, upper left-hand corner
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you still see flashing lights. blocked one lane on the high rise and coming out of foster city. a look at your map on the hayward side, that westbound commute isn't slow showing slowing where the arrow is. off 880 and 680 southbound show a slight build. that's great news as you head down from 580 in toward fremont for both of those freeways, that's where you will end up. westbound 580 a build out of the altamont pass. pretty gentle and steady. no incidents reported there. we're going to widen out your view. highway 4, antioch over toward concord and 242 in toward pleasant hill. no surprise for the walnut creek interchange. north bay, easy drive. overton left side of your screen. bay bridge toll plaza. got to show you this live look. lighting has changed but the backup has not. metering lights are on. sun is coming on here. safing electricity. san jose, smooth drive northbound 101. first burst to ease up.
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second one kicking in in 20 minutes. south bay is not so bad now. pleasant thursday morning all around. >> look at that. to have the traffic guy say that. nice. >> on the road and you get to work and hassle and e-mail and whatever. hey, get to work. >> a little coffee. you will be okay. >> take advantage right now. thank you, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay," rare and spectacular site drawing thousands of tourists to hawaii's big island. the news, the double irish and tesla's big day. we'll talk more about that as well. huge events right now here in fresno. a live picture of flames still burning fiercely. it looks a lot worse than it actually is. contained a two acres at this point. much more on this story as it develops coming up right after this break.
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secret in tech. a new battery. >> you can't blame laura for spilling the beans there. this isn't even for your car. it's for your house. >> for your house. it would do all the things you want in a house. supply your power from lighting your lights to running your dishwasher. elon musk is going to give us more detail today in a press conference down in the los angeles area. it's easy to forget musk is a physicist. that's what he studied in school. his interest in batteries led him to create tesla, his third major company behind spacex and paypal before that. now, the battery is going to look nothing like this, but it will be about this simple. so use your imagination here. think of what you could do if you had an enormous battery in your house. you could charge the battery up during the night when electricity costs less. then use the cheap elect industry inside it to run the air conditioning during the day. or if you had solar panels you could charge the battery during the day and run the tv and the
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lights at night, it would save you money. a this morning is warning it might have to pay a lot of money. irish taxes as the argument over the irish tax plan heats up. apple sells a lot of products overseas. money goes into apple's irish division because ireland has a lower tax rate than the united states. but it isn't the u.s. that's fussing this morning. it's europe. the problem is the tax ireland charges apple is lower not just in what america charges, it's lower than what europe charges and that's got europe calling shenanigans on the irish loophole. apple may have to pay a material amount more to ireland. when companies use the word material, they mean a lot. now as tim cook told the u.s. senate back in 2013 apple wants to bring this money back to the united states, but we have a much, much higher corporate tax rate. apple already pays washington about $16 million every single
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day. >> no kidding. >> in taxes. >> that much money. >> that much money. >> look at how much they make. that's amazing. >> there is that. >> yeah, plus lowering the corporate tax rate so crucially many people would argue is a great point. >> bring it back to american shores. absolutely. happening now, look at this. visitors to hawaii's big island are witnessing this incredible site for the first time in a century. a lava lake at kilauea volcano is bubbling over. the volcano itself has been slowly erupting for the past 30 years. now thousands of people are making the trek to the crater overnight just to check that out. isn't that amazing to see? from a distance. >> it is quite a sight. we know a lot of people that were in hawaii fairly recently including our anthony slaughter. i'm not sure. i don't know if he got a look at local volcanos. >> he was too busy buying macadamia nuts. >> you were in hawaii. >> you have to go back a few months. you have to get a vacation in
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every now again. everybody goes to hawaii on the west coast. >> it's the best coast. it's the hot one today. >> it's going to be nice if you're headed out to the beach. yeah. it's going to be nice and warm. 70s and 80s. inland today, 80s and 90s. it's going to be hot like lava. okay. not that hot. but you know, got to throw a little humor in there. hope you're off to a good start this morning. clear skies. you know what brings out the best in folks? today on your way out hold the door for somebody or just help somebody across the street. come on. do a little bit of good, right? let's talk about the temperatures as you wake up this morning. 40s an 50s out there. clear skies. as we head throughout the afternoon, warm. remember to dress in light-colored clothing, loose-fitted clothing because by noon today, 80 grease. peninsula, same deal. san francisco, 75 by noon. 83 for the tri-valley. 82 for the north bay. those are your noon temperatures. by afternoon, 90 for the north bay. 81 for san francisco. and 89 for the south bay. so, yep, i going to be hot.
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spf, remember to drink plenty of water if you're outside. especially if you're a construction worker, you have to work you side for a long period of time. 79 degrees for pacifica today. half-moon bay, up to 80 later on this afternoon. full sunshine. santa cruz, warmest beaches today. 83 degrees. of course it would be nice to come on a saturday or sunday. then we could all enjoy it, right? hey, if you've got a long lunch break head down to santa cruz and enjoy the warm temperatures. it's going to be warm wherever you go because we've got the offshore winds. we talk about the fire danger increasing around this time of year because we start to dry out. we lose a lot of moisture. we basically happens you get sun, it heats the earth. and because you have mountains and valleys in the bay area winds that move down the mountain, warm as they descend, so as they descend they warm up and fresh and excites the air particles and start the move more than they would in cold air and that warms the surrounding air. that is going to explain how we're going to be warm today at temperatures again near
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record-setting territory. as we move through the day tomorrow, the air particles are not so excited. cooler weather starts to move back in. by saturday and sunday, really cool. 70s for the inland valleys and 60s at the coastline. a little bit of something for everybody. of course though the particles not going to be as excited this week. mike, how is the road looking in. >> i like that. over here what we just have your typical drive westbound 580 but debris reported that might hold some folks up in the altamont. let's move the map. hayward as well as the tri-valley. those are both showing the build southbound. no major issues again. 880 did show a crash pop up at southbound 880. maybe slowing for spectators. all four vehicles are over on the shoulder. as we looking south bay. seeing the northbound route starting to slow a bit. this is the commute kicking in in earnest 101 and 87 coming up toward 280. standard here as well. north of 92 with no drama, no
6:21 am
big issues. warehouse fire we've been talking about. 89th and g. local traffic possibly effected there. we'll look a 880 past the coliseum. smooth drive on our live camera. just haze. light volume of traffic. on the other side of the bay, palo alto, smooth flow of traffic. easy drive. looks about the same. just have different trees. in the north bay, 101 moves smoothly. southbound not so much of a build. this is san rafael. good sun rise. no delays novato down to the golden gate bridge. back to you. 6:21. still ahead, something that the warriors proposed arena could be down right dangerous. new concerns about congestion right in front of a busy san francisco hospital.
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welcome back. 6:24. thursday morning. live look at oracle arena this morning. we now know who the warriors are going take on in the next round of the playoffs. that would be the memphis grizzlies in round two. that action set to start on sunday afternoon. while the warriors are still in oakland they plan to head across the bay. it is getting serious pub back. >> stephanie chuang is joining us live. some worry a new arena which will be less than a mile away from at&t park could cause major problems for ambulances to get to a nearby hospital. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, sam and laura. we are 3/4 of a mile from saith park and some people know just how bad traffic can get around there. imagine adding the traffic for the some 200 events plus the
6:25 am
warriors games for the new arena here at third and 16th. factor in it's across the street from the new ucsf medical center mission bay and children's hospital which does have emergency services. so this one opposing group is mission bay alliance. they say the arena will interrupt traffic and ambulances that would need to get to the hospital. they said they will take this battle to the court or to the ballot box. a response rereleased, in part saying, there are 17 locations around the country where hospitals are located within one mile of an arena. i don't think it's an issue. >> they haven't been truthful or straightforward in letting the public know what impact the r arena will have. >> as for ucsf which sun related to mission bay alliance, it said it is definitely focused on traffic but is, quote, encouraged by the city's efforts. also saying this is a unique project. $1 billion project.
6:26 am
the only one in the country completely privately financed. the hope is the men momentum continues as the warriors momentum continues in the playoffs. some of the players tried to make their best -- light of the situation. >> jones approach to the plate with carol delivering. jones will whack the son of a gun to center field. that's very deep. it's deep. and it's off the base of the wall. >> yep. >> a little bit like they're playing out there on the lane. got to keep that voice hush because of the quiet stadium and empty stands orioles broadcaster gary thorn used his best golf voice for one inning. in golf obviously you've got to be quiet. >> exactly. during the came orioles catcher signed autographs, high fived imaginary fans before tipping his cap and taking a bow to the
6:27 am
empty outfield. tough for them. so different. >> no energy. that will be changing for the next game, we hope. update to breaking news. look at this, as many as 1,000 power poles on fire right now at plant in fresno. we're going to have an update from the fire right after the break.
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we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever you♪g and what we found was a place that was always growing,
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but never grew old. ♪ forever you♪g and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you st♪y with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you st♪y and the young at heart. ♪ forever you♪g come remember that feeling. ♪ forever you♪g come feel forever young. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. looking at clear skies this morning with 80s and 90s in the
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forecast later on with a clear sky tonight. we're going to break it down after this. the stock markets are still reacting to the odd jobs and gdp news we got could be a down day for the markets. >> we're serving up the nice dose of a bay area sun rise for this thursday, april 30th. this is "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news and live pictures of a huge power pole storage lot fire happening in fresno. look at the flames. hard to put out. but it is contained. it's burning along highway 99 just knot north of downtown. as many as 1,000 power poles may be burning. the good news is, the flames are actually contained to a two-acre storage lot. the bad news, firefighters say there are just very few hydrants
6:31 am
in the area and getting water to the scene is quite the problem. a lot of people keeping their eye on this one. right now they're focused on keeping the flames in that area. no word on how it started and so far no one has been hurt. >> large enough people are snapping photos right now. other top stories this morning. oakland warehouse filled with pot went up in flames overnight. it was not a big fire officials say. crews were able to put it out quickly. the warehouse does have a permit to grow the pot. and nobody was hurt. a possible gunman on the loose near facebook headquarters. started with a home i investigation in fremont. police chased three suspects over the dumbarton bridge and into menlo park where suspects fired at officers. none were hit. two of the suspects are in custody. no ore this way to describe this except a miracle in nepal. just hours ago a teenage boy pulled alive from the rubble five days after the earthquake struck. he was dusty but conscious and talking. kris sanchez will have more on that story. now to a developing story. while the streets of baltimore
6:32 am
remained fairly quiet thanks to an overnight curfew, protests over freddie gray's death erupted in several other cities across the country. including new york. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. with this issue now, tracie, has fallen right into the lap of the nation's brand new attorney general, loretta lynch. good morning. >> sure has, sam. good morning. she is just a few day on the job. she just got sworn in on monday who se hasn't served a full week yet you be already weighing in on this case in baltimore that sparked protests all over the country. there were protests in denver, boston, minneapolis, houston, and the nation's capital. >> it's not fair that police can just, you know, terrorize us and beat us down like we mean nothing. >> this looks just like 40, 30 years ago when we were fighting for the civil rights. it's just -- it's mind boggling. >> reporter: in new york up with 00 people were arrested.
6:33 am
but this is what the streets looked like in baltimore just after curfew. lots of people out but calm. police looking unconcerned. they're expected to turn over their report on freddie gray's death to the state tomorrow. it will not be made public. >> we can't put out too much information that it may jeopardize the case itself. >> reporter: the case is getting attention from new attorney general loretta lynch. she says a conversation needs to happen on how police interact with the communities they serve. >> that's a conversation that i am committed to advancing. >> reporter: she's overseeing the federal investigation. now, one thing we're watching today is a "washington post" report. it cites court documents given to the post that another witness in the van, another inmate picked up in that same van with freddie gray, says gray may have been trying to hurt himself. but there is also mounting evidence that that may not be the case today, including the fact that he couldn't really see anything because he was separated by a metal partition. police had already said at the
6:34 am
point that inmate was picked up that gray was unresponsive and the autopsy shows no other injuries other than that very serious spinal injury that eventually led to his death. >> thank you, tracie. 6:34. happening today, hillary clinton finally gets some company in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. vermonter? bernie sanders will throw his hat into the ring. sanders is an independent but he will enter the race as a democrat. japanese prime minister shinzo abe starts a swing through california. abe is scheduled to speak at stanford and meet in san francisco with ggovernor brown. it's california is still working to develop bullet trains. it's time to check that microclimate forecast as things are going to heat up. taking a live look outside from the south bay overlooking san jose. anthony slaughter is in for christina this morning. how hot are we going to get?
6:35 am
>> 80s and 90s this afternoon. that's going to be the warmest locations. you definitely need to remember that spf andrey plenty of water. uv index later on this afternoon puts us at an 8. one of the highest. in fact, the highest on the scale of a nine. it's going to be very warm out there. and in fact it only takes about 20 minutes in heat like this to burn. so just make sure you apply spf if you're going to be outside longer than 20 minutes. right now temperatures in the 50s. earlier this morning mountain view was up to 68 degrees. that was at warm offshore wind that's starting to develop. we cooled down to 58 now. overall now as we head through the day it's going to warm quickly. in fact, by lunch many of us will already be back in the 70s. and later on this afternoon, 89 for the south bay. 87 for the peninsula. tri-valley, you will be at 93 along with the north bay piking up to 90 degrees. it's all because of our winds shifted offshore. future cast shows the story
6:36 am
through today. tomorrow we get a cooling in the wind shift but tomorrow night start to notice that cooler weather start to pull in because we're going to see a marine layer develop by this weekend. that's going to mean more average temperatures. over the next couple of days this is going to be warm. 86 in san jose. 84 for tomorrow. san francisco you will be at 81 today. 75 for tomorrow. as we head through the weekend, temperatures really do start to cool off at least more tolerable levels. that makes way for nice events across the bay area. mission district, the cinco de mayo festival kicking off there saturday at 10:00 until 6:00 in the evening. and even on sunday. you can find cool things happening in the soma district taco-chella. temperatures are nice, back in the 60s. i like how they call it steat food, spelled e-a-t. could be someone sliding on that
6:37 am
brakes and cause that ripple back. you notice the eastbound traffic down the right lane now as folks are traveling away from foster city. look at your map and you don't show the eastbound. over to the peninsula where 101 doesn't show any slowing just yet. we'll track that as the build tends to happen over there in a few minutes. right now we have a build on the hayward side. crash reported at wynton. four vehicles on the shoulder. another crash at a street as folks make their merge. typical slow spot. the pattern hasn't shown any additional slowing. 880 and 680 slowing. south of 580 down toward fremont. typical flow of traffic. the tri-valley looking good. no crashes for the tri-valley area. northbound 101, 87, and now just the last couple of seconds, 85 shows slowing as well. general build for san jose and si silicon valley. 280 and 85 on and off-ramps. the north bay flows nicely.
6:38 am
so does the upper east shore freeway. golden gate fields area. we'll look at how light that traffic flow is. very light. speeds are close to the limit. there's just haze in the air but to fog this morning. >> that's good. >> that's great for that area. >> maybe some people waiting to get over the bay bridge. we see those live shots all time. the you're stuck in traffic trying to figure out what to do, listen to a book on tape. enlighten yourself. still ahead, the president is making a new push to make sure that all kids have access to the books that they need. plus, amazing story about a parachute and wedding dress. the heart-warming connection is sure to make you smile, coming up.
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6:40 am
happening a little later today. the white house making a major digital push to get low-income students a better education. president obama holding a special event today at a washington, d.c. library. his expected to present two initiatives the help young people in poor communities.
6:41 am
one will provide more than $250 million in free e books for students in low income households. the other would give every student access to a library card. 6:41. a world war ii veteran celebrating more than six decades of marriage with his wife. >> this couple's love story really one of a kind thanks to a very special wedding dress made from james are hill's silk parachute from when he served in the air force. his wife tore it awe part and turned it into a symbol of their love. >> you want a parachute and she said, yeah. >> he gave me the parachute. i said i know just what to do with it. >> it's like jumping into a plane when you get married. >> they are bound now by the chute. the dress is only one of two in existence. the other is at the smithsonian mu see nu museum in washington, d.c. a teenager pulled from the
6:42 am
rubble in nepal five days after the massive earthquake. plus, flames ra s raging at power pole storage lot in central valley. why crews are having such a tough time fighting the flames. we're back with is a minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after the break.
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6:44 am
6:44. update to breaking news out of fresno. crews are making good progress in fighting a fire at a power powell storage lot. burning along highway 99 north
6:45 am
of downtown. you can see a lot of smoke coming from that fire. the fires are still high. here's what it looked like an hour ago. flames shooting into the air. much more spread out. as many as 1,000 poles may be burning. the good news is the flames are contained to a two-acre storage lot. the bad news, firefighters say there are very few hydrants in that area and getting water to the scene is a problem. no word on how that fire started and no one has been hurt. another fire we're keeping tabs on this morning and more breaking news. oakland warehouse filled with pot up in flames overnight. this happened around 2:00 in the morning. it looks big but firefighters say it really wasn't. they were able to extinguish the fire fairly quickly. the fire chief tells us the warehouse has the permit to grow the pot. no exact number on how many plants were. inside. no official cause of the fire either. it does appear to be electrical and nobody was hurt. cheering because there's a
6:46 am
miracle amid the rubble in nepal. this morning rescue crews from california helped rescue a teenager who had been buried beneath debris for five days. just an incredible story of survival. >> renewed faith amidst all the strategy. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been following the situation since the earthquake happened. kris, that boy was dusty, dazed, is expected to be all right. >> would you believe he was conscious and talking when russ keyers reached him? right now it seems his injuries are minor. according to the southern california rescuers who reached in there there is still time for more miracles like that one. here are crews carrying the teen out of the you rubble where the u.s. crusade he was sandwiched between two collapsed floors of a hotel boxed in by concrete and corrugated steel. that l.a. county urban search and rescue team working there was with dogs nearby. they scrambled to help when people say they heard that teen crying for help. after six hours of digging, crews did reach him.
6:47 am
in this video taken by drone you can see the conditions underwhich they were working very precarious. any aftershock could have been dangerous for them as well. lead rescuer talked with our nbc news crew on the ground. >> the floors are within feet of each other. it's floor after floor after floor within a five foot span you have three floors. >> victim was pancaked in between two floors. >> yes. it was amazing he was still there alive. >> the teen got an iv there on the ground then headed to the hospital. watch what happens next if crowd there so excited by that rescue they raise up some of the rescuers in the air, celebrating them like the heroes that they are. now, this the of course in stark contrast to the death toll which is more than 5500 people and which is still growing because there are still remote villages that have not been accessed yet. still that l.a. county rescuer said that people can survive up to two weeks in the rubble. so we could see more miracles in the coming days and i think that's what everybody is hoping
6:48 am
for. >> this may motivate everyone even more like there could be more people. >> let's listen to for sounds of life. >> moral victory. thank you, kris. also here, that earth wake in nepal but some of the healing going on in the bay area. they hosted hundreds last night remembering those who lost their lives. the students also had another goal here to raise as much money and they a k. to set a mark of $25,000 as an initial target for relief efforts. many of them have families in nepal. >> i lost an uncle. one of the kindest and gentlest men i've ever met. this man was a headmaster of a school. he was driving home mudslide cover him, crush his car, he dies. okay? that's just one story. that's my personal story. >> so many more to tell. if you would like to help any
6:49 am
way you can donate to their go fund me account. search water for me pail. microclimate forecast. a look at the city from san bruno from a distance this morning. anthony is in for christina. >> it's going to be a warm one. we're talking about record-setting heat for the bay area today. 80s and 90s. >> watch out those uv rays. >> make sure to remember that spf. only 20 minutes for your skin to burn in heat like this. just remember as you head outside this morning while it might not be overly horks it will be later on this afternoon. temperatures for the uniform this morning, 50s for the most part. between 50 degrees in the north bay to 58 in the peninsula and everyone else is really just sandwiched in between those numbers. now as we move through the afternoon we are going to see plenty of sunshine. by lunchtime today look at the numbers. already near 80 degrees at the peninsula at noon. 75 for san francisco for your lunchtime temperature. even in the tri-valley. 83 degrees. you will round out the day in
6:50 am
the tri-valley at 9. 81 in san francisco. east bay, 84. north bay, 90. even the south bay expected a temperature near 89 degrees. peninsula, you will be at 87. if you're thinking about the beach because those are warm temperatures, pacifica is still going to be warm today. comfortable there, 79 degrees. temperature there, half-moon bay, 80 degrees for your afternoon high. santa cruz, expecting one of our warmest temperatures here at the beach. 83 degrees right at the board walk. it's going to be comfortable at the coastline. very warm for inland locations today. warm enough for that ac. in fact, it's all because we have winds that have shifted offshore all night long. they've been offshore. that's a warming wind. as we head through the day the offshore winds will remain in place all day long. tomorrow we notice cooling at the coastline as those streamlines start to head back towards the coastline. saturday morning we'll wake up to a little bit of coastal fog and temperatures that are a little more tolerable. 60s and 70s are back on the way. today and tomorrow though very
6:51 am
warm temperatures. especially for the inland valleys. san jose, 86 today. san francisco, 81 degrees. tomorrow, 70s and 80s return. by the weekend, back in the 60s and 70s. so it will be a little more comfortable. if you're looking for things to do this weekend, the community day, curidyssey happening saturday. you can get out and see up close personal interactions with creatures like this, even some sea otters. san mateo and other treats -- sea creature, you want to do some free crabbing this saturday. it's free but you've got to rsvp. you can go to sf fun cheap to rsvp for this event. let's talk to mike, crabs on the roads this morning. mike? >> you will see, sideways walkers around the area. as you go -- east to west, we're looking at the westbound commute direction. reports of a disabled vehicle somewhere around this tower. there's the tower. there's slowing. bridge crews heading out there
6:52 am
hopefully clear that quickly because we will see the metering lights slow down. look at the map. we're going to see more build coming off of 580 and the maze. this is happening over the last ten minutes. get an update soon. disabled vehicle is clear across the bay bridge span. through way west 80. crash on the right-hand shoulder. a little distraction but not a lot of slowing. pleasant friday drive at the north bay. no drama. over here the crash south 680 around -- slows you down through pleasant hill and walnut creek. another slowdown here southbound 880. two crashes reported. one at wynton and one at a street. both on the shoulder. no real additional slowing but we have a good volume of traffic moving west across the san mateo bridge. that's a tougher drive at the peninsula where 101 slows near san mateo. southbound, 880 and the altamont area and tri-valley. typical pattern of build. no big drama heading down into the south bay. northbound through san jose show that build for 85 kicking in
6:53 am
over the last ten minutes. 87 heavier than yesterday as well. 101, live look. it's not a major problem but you do have that build continuing to build here. the peninsula in through san francisco, you are moving smoother for the bay shore and for 280. back to you. happening right now. a possible gunman on the loose still near facebook's headquarters. it started yesterday with the home invasion in fremont that led to a chase across the dumbarton bridge where shots were then fired on the peninsula at police. "today in the bay's" robbie dell is joining us looi from menlo park. police have two out of the three suspects arer that third suspect still on the loose. good morning to you, sam. last seen running away from the menlo science and technology park behind me where he and two accomplices ditched their car last night. if you're not familiar with this location we're a couple blocks away from the facebook headquarters. according to police the three men used guns to rob a home in fremont around 5:00 last night.
6:54 am
about half hour later fremont and newark police chased those suspects across the dumbarton bridge. at one point at least one of the suspects fired their gun, hit agnew washing police car on the driver's side. fortunately no one was hurt. the men tried to get away on foot once they dichd the car at the business park. police did catch 20 of them. one a 22-year-old and another a 19-year-old. officers also recovered two guns. the third suspect did get away. still on the loose. described as a black man, skinny build, dark-colored pants. light-colored sweatshirt. facebook tells us the campus was never on lockdown as it happened a couple block away. reporting live in menlo park, bob ridell, "today in the bay." the family of a marine killed by a suspected drunk driver one month after returning from afghanistan is suing the city of fremont. 23-year-old lance corporal andrew silva was riding his motorcycle last month when he was hit by a driver trying to
6:55 am
evade police. silva died at the scene. his wife filed a wrongful death suit against the city and the officer involved in the pursuit. the suit accuses the officer of wrongfully engaging in a high speed chase with an obviously intoxicated driver. be aware of your surroundings. that's the warning from livermore police after a woman says she was sexually assaulted on a popular trail. the attack happened about 6:00 tuesday night on the arroyo trail near arroyo road. the woman was walking alone when a man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. then he ran off. police are now beefing up patrols along the trail. we have a follow up to a deadly fire in san francisco back in january that also displaced so many. three-story building in the heart of the mission. it was nearly burned to the ground. reports say that that fire was likely an accident. investigators say it was probably caused by an electrical short. smoke detectors were installed but for some reason they never went off.
6:56 am
this morning the san francisco sheriff will share the results of an internal report that comes after a number of issues that recently put the department in a national spotlight. first the sheriff plans to talk about the investigation into a recent inmate escape. then he will address allegations of guards betting on forced fights between inmates. after that, he will announce new department reforms including a new pilot program to equip all deputies with body cameras. virgin america says low fuel prices, plus busy tech workers, equals profit. >> scott mcgrew, you just got off the stone wiphone with the airline. >> reporting profits this week. apple earlier. yell yell. last night. ver gin america this morning. the decision to base at sfo is really paying off as the bay area's economy continues to heat up. virgin posted a profit for its first quarter. not its first profit ever but it is the first time they made a profit at the beginning of the
6:57 am
year. the airline says it's experimenting with customizing the screen in front of you. the tv where you can watch movies or order food. i almost always order the cheese plate because, you know, cheese. so considering virgin america knows i'm coming the screen can say, hey, scott, how about the cheese plate. well, in moscow announced what we expect as home bat friday tr tesla today would allow you to save money for storing solar power or charging off the grid at night when electricity is cheap. this video comes from competitor jeff bassos, laumpled his first rocket in texas. this one is unmanned. went to the edge of space, sam and laura. came back safely. it's a suborbital flight but blue origin is now space barren. >> it's amazing. another company getting into that realm. >> really cool to watch. if you were a billionaire, wouldn't you have a rocket? >> expensive but -- >> always a boy. final check of the top
6:58 am
stories, a miracle in nepal just a few hours ago a teenage boy was pulled alive from the rubble five days after an earthquake hit. he was dusty but he was conscious and tack ilking. a possible gunman on the loose near facebook's headquarters. it all started in a home invasion in fremont. police chased three suspects into menlo park where suspects fired at officers. none were hit. two of the suspects are currently in custody. crews in fresno are working hard to put out a big fire at a power pole storage lot. so far they're keeping it contained to a two-acre area. a reminder, you can stay connected any time just download our nbc bay area app for the latest news, weather, and traffic and investigations. and connect with us on facebook and twitter and instagram as well. >> we connect right now with anthony slaughter who has good news for you if you like warm weather. a little bit of beach time. >> good thing we had showers over the past week because we're really going to be thankful for that, especially once get
6:59 am
towards the afternoon. not as dangerous, especially for that fire concern. as we head through the afternoon it's going to be warm. temperatures that are going to be near record. we're talking 89 in the south bay. 87 for the peninsula. 93 today for the tri-valley. even in san francisco you will be at 81 and 90. even at the coastline today expect warm conditions. just remember spf and lots of water, especially if you have to work outside. >> you may have some trouble moving around in the south bay just hearing. >> exactly. there was a crash there now determined to be a sig alert. all lanes are closed for southbound 85. the crash now possibly a car fire. counter commute but this will be a big distraction. report a stall across the bay bridge right at treasure island. traffic looks like it's moving smooth. we'll look at your map on the approach to the bay bridge. that's looking smooth right now. the east bay, crash is cleared from hayward. on the shoulder from 880. no drama for the tri-valley. again, in the south bay. the northbound route is kicking in.
7:00 am
southbound at the bottom of screen, see the southbound side of 85 approaching is slow. again, chp just updating that all lanes are currently closed by a crash and probably moving some vehicles from the roadway. i'll give you that update on twitter, of course. >> 7:25. good morning. breaking overnight. protests spreading from baltimore across the country. over the death of freddie gray. in new york city more than 100 people arrested. rallies in denver, minneapolis, washington. as conflicting new reports surface over whether gray hurt himself or was injured at the hands of police. alive. incredible new images of a teenage boy being pulled from the debris in nepal, five days after that quake. a rare moment of joy in the midst of tragedy.


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